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Professional Experience Day 1!

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Wow! What a great day!

I was happy to read that I wasn’t the only one suffering with mixed emotions of nervousness and excitement about prac. It seems Alex felt exactly the same, and I’m sure many others too. I think Alex summed things up pretty well in saying that it will “be hard and exhausting but every minute will be so worth it!!” Alex, I hope you had a great first day!

My day was as lovely as I could have hoped for. The lesson I’d planned for in the afternoon went to pot as it turned out that the class had already done something very similar to what I had planned. That didn’t phase me though and a bit of quick thinking (isn’t that what us teachers have to do when the plan doesn’t work?) along with a few suggestions from my lovely mentor had a new idea, and a great lesson was had by all. I can’t wait for tomorrow, although tomorrow will be with another mentor as they share the class.

I hope everyone had a great day and that you all have a successful 3 weeks!


One thought on “Professional Experience Day 1!

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