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Using ICT's in the classroom



Wow! What a day! Today I planned and taught my first full day, and I absolutely loved it!

My main mentor is off sick so it was the perfect opportunity for me to step up and take the class for the day. Thankfully I had a fabulous relief teacher who was a regular at the school and was very supportive of me. She went through my plan with me before we started the day and gave me some great feedback through the day. I also felt it really helped that she only graduated last June herself, so it’s fresh in her mind what it feels like to be a pre-service teacher.

I introduced the poetry unit using a lovely focus text called ‘Doodledum Dancing,’ by Meredith Costain. The kids loved listening to the Dinosaur Stomp. I also introduced the next maths unit, money. My giant coins worked a treat. I completed some assessments, did a Words Their Way spelling lesson and read them one of my favourite picture books…The Gruffalo! Not everything went as smoothly as I’d have liked but overall I am very pleased with how the day went. My other mentor (she is in the class on a Tuesday) came in on her non-contact to observe my poetry and gave me some great feedback. She especially praised my behaviour management skills and particularly how I dealt with the child who told me it was boring before I’d even finished my first sentence! The kids are a beautiful bunch and are really helping me to learn to be the best teacher I can.

I am struggling to integrate ICT often as ICT resources are very limited at my school but I’m enjoying the challenge.

That’s about all I can manage this evening as much like many other students out on prac, I’m not exactly full of beans by this time of the evening (I understand your exhaustion Danielle and Haylea).

Good night!


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